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If you are interested in becoming a wholesale supplier or certified installer of the only 100% Stainless Steel gutter protection product on the market, please Click Here. We will not charge any set-up or franchise fees. There is no minimum purchase required, in fact, we can custom ship patented Gutter Trojan so that you can order it from us on a "Per Job" basis. The installation is very fast and easy and is installed with stainless steel zip screws and not any extra clips or accessories that nickel and dime you. No special tools are required for the installation.


With Stainless Steel, you don't have to worry about watching colors or having an abundance of inventory. You also will not have to worry about unhappy customers or call backs, not to mention costly rework or return trips. We can also work it out so that you can protect certain zip codes for exclusive Gutter Trojan dealerships. We will even help you out with point of sale display units, customizable marketing materials and hints for effective advertising. This is a great opportunity and we are looking forward to working with you.





Gutter Trojan’s unique design allows you to install the product by simply slipping it under the shingle or as a Drop-in product. 

The universal tale on Gutter Trojan can be ordered directly as Drop-in or Standard and it can be customized for your project in the field.  For Drop-in, optionally you can secure the product on the back fascia side as well as then directly along the front double rolled hem as you would a normal install, also securing each overlapped piece in the vertical drop area with one screw facing the fascia. 

For optimal performance the gutter should in any case be hung slightly lower to accommodate either the drop in version or the standard version.

With Gutter Trojan you don’t need any other components or fasteners just stainless steel screws.  Standard installs will take about 30-40 seconds per panel.


The Sale


Gutter Trojan is the only 100% stainless steel product on the market.  Made from the highest grade stainless steel panel, customers will see the value in the investment.  Gutter Trojan can be powder coated to more closely match the roof.  Ask your sales rep about lead times and cost.

Gutter Trojan is NOT considered a cover, instead a high-end expanded panel specifically designed to handle the heaviest of rains.  Most Contractors may have one go-to product for protection but often times you may not sell the client on for various reasons.  Gutter Trojan was designed for the middle market striking the best balance between cost and effectiveness.