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With Gutter Trojan you are NOT limited to installs just under the shingle. Using the universal tale you can easily convert Gutter Trojan to a drop in product. Gutter Trojan can be ordered pre-bent for drop in ask your representative for more information.


Let's start with how it works. First of all, the design is very simple. The concept is to create a kind of filter that keeps leaves and debris from ever making it into your gutters. It is installed by carefully lifting the first layer of shingles and sliding Gutter Trojan approximately an inch underneath. When the sun heats the adhesive strip on the shingle, it seals back to the roof through the tiny holes and texture of the material. Trained installers will use stainless steel screws to secure Gutter Trojan to the front edge of the gutters, and also on seams and miters, to create a closed system that will not allow anything larger than a grain of sand to enter. Anything small enough to enter will not be large enough to inhibit proper system drainage and will eventually simply wash down the spouts.

Although Gutter Trojan appears to be a wire mesh screen, similar to what you might have in a screen door, it is really not. Gutter Trojan actually starts out as a stainless steel panel and runs through a machine that essentially stamps the diamond shape openings in it. This creates a funnel shape in each one of the perforations that literally forces the water down into the gutter and not off the edge. We have added proprietary design in the material to break the surface tension of the water and also add stiffness and support to the panels. This design is what makes Gutter Trojan the best and most durable gutter protection system on the market today.

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There is a lot of competition out there in the gutter protection business. This is the section where I could tell you all about the problems and design flaws associated with the other products that are out there. I could do side by side comparisons of mine and theirs and tell you in detail about why mine works and his doesnít and so on. Iím not going to do that. What I am going to do is tell you why this product was invented in the first place. Our parent company has been in the Gutter Business for over 43 years. We have installed millions of feet of gutters in Wisconsin where the changing seasons as well as the snow and ice have given us real life test results. According to Gary Fewless, a Botanist from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, there are over 100 species of trees that are native to Wisconsin. Thatís a lot of different characters trying to get in and plug those downspouts.