Is It A Screen?

Technically a screen is made up of interwoven strands, which this is not. Patented 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan starts out as a panel that is stamped and expanded as shown below. This gives our mesh the appearance and functionality of a screen with the added durability of a panel, while eliminating the possibility for strand shifting that causes discrepancies in hole diameters.

Is There Any Maintenance Required?

On most applications, the design of the product will completely eliminate the need for routine maintenance. Patented 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan is designed to filter your gutters from any debris larger than a grain of sand long enough for them to dry and be carried off by the wind. There are certain areas that are structurally protected from the wind and will not allow for this process to take place. In these instances, debris may have to be removed from the top of our product along with nearby roofing shingles. Although our product is designed to still be very effective if debris has collected, it is never a good idea to allow leaves and debris to accumulate on roofing systems

Is It Really 100% Stainless Steel?

Absolutely ! Gutter Trojan is manufactured with AISI 304 Stainless Steel. Even the zip screws used for the installation are Stainless Steel.

Is Gutter Trojan™ Durable?

This is why we chose the Stainless Steel material in the first place. Most of the products that we have tried in the past have not held up to our harsh Wisconsin winters. Aluminum, vinyl, foam, polyurethane, and other of our competitors materials cannot match the durability of Stainless Steel.

What About Pollen, Seed Pods and Pine Needles?

Patented 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan was specifically designed with these items in mind. Many of the screen type systems on the market today have, in our experience, too fine of a screen where pollen and other small airborne culprits are not allowed to flow through and eventually plug up the filter. Gutter Trojan is designed to let the small items that are not a threat to your gutters and downspouts flow right through. The next time you have a significant rain, they simply wash away.

How Important Is 100% Use Of The Gutters Volume?

Gutter systems, just like any systems, have a capacity. Only so much water is going to be allowed into that system before it reaches its maximum capacity and overflows. When gutters overflow it can cause damage to expensive decking and landscaping and can cause many other problems related to basements and foundations. Patented 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan is specifically designed not to limit the capacity of your gutter system, but just the opposite. It will keep your gutters free of leaves and debris so in the event of a storm with heavy rains your gutters will do the best possible job of routing that water where it is not going to cause damage.

What About Snow and Ice Buildup?

Patented 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan was invented, developed, tested, and tested again in Wisconsin, about 30 minutes from Green Bay, where we know a little about snow and ice. Ice damming inside the gutters usually occurs when debris holds up the flow of water long enough for it to freeze which in turn compounds the problem. Gutter Trojan will keep that debris from ever making it into the gutters in the first place. An added benefit is that sheets of ice will not get hung up on the lead edge of the gutter, in worst cases causing the gutters to come loose from the fascia and hang or fall. Instead, Gutter Trojan gives it a path to slide right off the roof.

Can I Install Gutter Trojan™?

We do recognize that many of our customers are very talented “do it yourselfers”. Unfortunately, the only way we can warranty patented 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan is if you have it installed by one of our certified contractors.

Will It Work On A Metal Roof?

As a matter of fact, it works excellent with a metal roof. We have available a special adaptation of 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan that functions exactly the same as the original, but is attached under the overhang edge with screws since there are no shingles to slide it under.

What Sizes Are Available?

Patented 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan is available stock in a 5” or a 6” size as well as an additional adaptation for metal roofs. We have also done custom Gutter Trojan designs for larger commercial projects.

What Is The Product Guarantee?

Gutter Trojan, that is installed by one of our professional contractors, comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. Please read the details included with the packet that the installer will give you upon completion of the installation.

Do I Need To Be Worried About The Strength of Gutter Trojan?

No. Gutter Trojan is designed from high quality 304 Stainleess Steel. Gutter protection is designed to keep debris from your gutter such as leaves, pine cones and nuts small branches etc. Gutter Trojan is freeze thaw compatible and is designed to expand andcontract with your gutter. Gutter Trojan universal design allows you to secue it how ever the project and condition calls for.

Are there health conserns if i have plugged gutters?

Clogged gutters can lead to infestation of mosquitos. The moist stagnate environment is ideal for larva to thrive. With the onset of the Zika Virus this is an area of the home that should be given more attention. Gutter Trojan is designed to keep your gutters free of debris crating a safer environment for you and your family.

Additionally in western states Gutter Trojan is one of the only products recognized to help protect the home against wild fires preventing buildup of debris that can catch fire. 100% Stainless Steel Gutter Trojan defiantly has you covered!